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Service Propostions

Service Proposition for Financial Advice


At Active Finance Works Limited we believe professional financial advice can add significant value to your personal and businesses financial situation. 


The Financial Advice Service Proposition is designed for customers who only require a one-off service for a specific financial requirement on a pay as you go basis for each separate request.


The benefits of this service are that it is clear and straightforward, minimal face to face meetings, liaising typically over the phone and emails, convenient and inexpensive.


We may choose to contact you in the future if a service or product becomes available that is suitable for you, or you can contact us at any time for additional services such as valuations, market commentary, advice reviews, help with your tax etc.  This type of business will be charged for separately.

Initial Meeting

  • We will help you to think about what is important to you and what you want to achieve
  • Idendify your financial needs and objectives
  • Information gathering
  • We will explain all the choices of levels of service and advice available, to help you make the right decision

Information Gathering

  • Gather information about your current situation
  • Identify any gaps in your financial situation to develop and act upon
  • Assess your attitude to risk

Research and Information Gathering

  • Product / Fund research
  • Use of research tools and software
  • Obtaining information from your existing providers
Action Plan / Recommendations
  • Develop and action plan
  • In line with our Investment Strategy 
  • We will provide you with a report explaining our recommendations

  • Assist with completion of forms
  • Liaising with the provider (correspondance, telephone calls, faxes, emails etc)
  • On line processing of your application
  • Liaising with you by telephone, email, letter etc
  • Adhering to the Financial Conduct Authority's regulations including anti money laundering and document retention

Service Proposition for Financial Planning

At Active Finance Works Limited we believe professional financial advice can add significant value to your personal and businesses financial situation.


The Financial Planning Service Proposition is designed for customers who not only have a specific financial requirement but also require an ongoing service to monitor and review your business and to make any changes.


The benefits of this service are that it provides face to face meetings, access to expertise and specialists, satisfaction that your financial affairs are being proactively managed, regular reviews with you, peace of mind and unlimited contact with us over the year.


We also provide additional services, should you require these, such as tax returns and trust planning. These services are charged for separately.


As above for Service Proposition for Financial Advice, plus the following...

Ongoing Service including

Service Reviews

  • We will contact you to review your financial plans either annually or biennially as agreed

Priority Response Service
  • A personal service ensuring phone calls, emails and skpye messages are returned within 24 hours
  • Unlimited contact with us

Face to Face Meetings
  • Unlimited meetings with us between review dates

Professional Service
  • Providing strategic updates to your accountant and any other professional advisers
  • Supplying end of year taxation information (as required)
  • Recommending suitable professionals as other needs arise
  • Ensuring everyone on your financial team provides advice in a co-ordinated and professional way

Portfolio Management
  • Rebalancing in line with attitude to risk
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • A summary of the performance of your investments
  • Written portfolio valuations on request

Financial Administration
  • Taking the complexity and hassle out of administering your savings, investments, pensions and organisation of your personal / family protection

Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning
  • Providing specific advice with inheritance tax planning

Tax Planning Service
  • In conjunction with your accountant and other taxation advisers

Pensions Service
  • Pensions advice
  • Pensions review
  • Pensions consolidation
  • Specialist advice for owning business premises
  • Upon request

Access to Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM)
  • Annual visits to DFM (if applicable)